Giles Sirett

Giles Sirett – Managing Consultant

Shape Blue was formed by Giles Sirett, former CEO of Octavia Information Systems,  a leading IT Service Provider. Giles used his extensive experience and business knowledge in running a service provider and developing new products to take-to-market,  to identify the problems that IT organisations were having in moving to a cloud-delivery model. He found that the main barriers to entry were unclear cloud strategy and the inertia caused by existing  technology investments, particularly around virtualisation technology.

Giles found that Cloudstack helped overcome  these barriers and set out to develop a consultancy offering around the technology.  He has since worked closely with the CloudStack community and Citrix systems, leveraging his  extensive IT &  business experience, to  create a range of consultancy offerings to support organisations in the technical, commercial and operational elements of selling true cloud services. Giles acts as ShapeBlue’s  principal consultant.